Building Developers

I've been teaching software development and data analytics for over 6 years. I've taught a little less than 500 students about Data Analytics, Applied Machine Learning, Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, and Game Development using Python, Java, JavaScript and many more. Below are some of the courses I've taught.

  • IT2045C-Computer Programming II

    This covers object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and abstract classes. It also covers advanced data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees. The course also covers the basics of graphical user interface (GUI) programming. The course is taught using the Java programming language.

  • IT3049C-Web Game Development

    This course covers the basics of web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also covers the basics of game development using the Phaser game engine. The course is taught using the JavaScript programming language. Students are introduces to different Client-side JavaScript Frameworks and libraries such as React (and unfortunately JQuery - Forgive me)

  • IT4063C-Data Technologies Analytics

    This course covers different data analytics and data science tools. It teaches building a data analysis system/pipeline covering all steps of data analytics project such as data cleaning, exploratory analysis, and data visualizations. The course is taught using the Python.